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Class: PHP Video Toolkit


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Name: PHP Video Toolkit Support forum
Base name: phpvideotoolkit
Description: Manipulate and convert videos with ffmpeg program
Version: 0.1.5
Required PHP version: 5
License: BSD License
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Picture of Oliver Lillie
Name: Oliver Lillie <e-mail contact>
Published packages: 4 Browse this author's classes Browse this author's classes
Country: Finland Finland - PHP jobs in Finland
Home page: http://www.buggedcom.co.uk/


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Detailed description

This class is a wrapper around the FFmpeg, FLVTools2 and Mencoder programs to allow PHP developers to manipulate and convert video files.

It also provides FFmpeg-PHP emulation in pure PHP so you do not need to compile and install the module.

It performs several types of manipulation operations that include video format conversion, extract video frames into separate image files, assemble a video stream from a set of separate video images, extract audio from video, watermark videos and extracted frames.

Several parameters can also be configured like the output video file format, which can be Flash video or any other supported by ffmpeg, video and audio bit rate and sample rate, video dimensions and aspect ratio.

It can also retrieve information about the media file, such as duration, bit rate, frame rate, format, dimensions, display aspect ratio, pixel aspect ratio, audio stereo, audio frequency and audio format, without any other additional library.

Freshmeat project

Project record: phpvideotoolbox

Trackback links

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Applications that use this class

Link Description
PHPMotion A You-Tube clone CMS that makes use of this class
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File Role Description
Files folder image adapters/ffmpeg-php
  Plain text file ffmpeg_animated_gif.php Aux. FFmpeg-PHP ffmpeg_animated_gif emulator
  Plain text file ffmpeg_frame.php Aux. FFmpeg-PHP ffmpeg_frame emulator
  Plain text file ffmpeg_movie.php Aux. FFmpeg-PHP ffmpeg_movie emulator
  Plain text file README Doc. Readme file
Files folder image adapters
  Plain text file videoto.php Aux. Simple video conversions class
Plain text file CHANGELOG Doc. Changlog
Plain text file DEMOS Doc. Example descriptions
Plain text file LICENSE Doc. LICENSE
Plain text file phpvideotoolkit.php4.php Class PHP 4 Primary Class
Plain text file phpvideotoolkit.php5.php Class PHP 5 Primary Class
Plain text file README Doc. Readme file
Files folder image examples
  Plain text file example-config.php Example Example configuration file
  Plain text file example01.php Example Converts video to Flash Video (ie FLV)
  Plain text file example02.php Example Screen grabs video frames.
  Plain text file example03.php Example Converts an image sequence into a video mpeg
  Plain text file example04.php Example Watermark a video / frame extraction
  Plain text file index.php Example Examples Readme
  Plain text file example05.php Example Access media metadata without using the ffmpeg-php library.
  Plain text file example06.php Example Extract audio from video.
  Plain text file example07.php Example Join multiple videos together.
  Plain text file example08.php Example Easy video conversion to common formats using the adapters.
  Plain text file example09.php Example Shows you how to access the information about your ffmpeg installation.
  Plain text file example10.php Doc. Shows you how to extract a specific frame from a movie.
  Plain text file example11.php Example Shows how to use the FFmpeg-PHP emulation classes
  Plain text file example12.php Example Shows how to easily manipluate timecodes
  Plain text file example13.php Example This demonstrates how to simply create a FLV stream script.
Plain text file INSTALL Doc. FFmpeg, Lame and FLVTool2 install help
Download all files: phpvideotoolkit.tar.gz phpvideotoolkit.zip
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